以光作笔、以夜为幕 | wx: jimmy-mx

这次拍摄的凤凰获得了LPWA光绘大赛铜奖,并有三幅作品在法国巴黎举办的“UNESCO 2015国际光年”开幕式和“LPWA第四届光绘世界展”上展出。

联合国教科文组织把2015年定为国际光年,并与光绘世界联盟(Light Painting World Alliance)联手,评选出2014 LPWA世界光绘大赛各项奖项。

Jimmy’s artwork “Phoenix” is very nice sample of some sort of various light painting style, which called “drawing by direct light”. We mean – light streaks were made by flow of fotons directly to the camera sensor. Brilliant composition of highlighted background and masterpiece light drawings, fits into the columns. We see the spirit of national flavor in this building, it is very nice for real artwork. And very nice color conjunction! I think, Jimmy’s artwork deserves this high award :)  ——Sergey Churkin (LPWA founder


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